Eletoyia Photovoltaics is a pioneering company in the development and installation of photovoltaic systems in Cyprus. We are heavily involved in all aspects of the renewables, from both the industry/market and scientific research.

Eletoyia’s deep scientific understanding of photovoltaic systems on an academic level, and its practical market understanding through its substantial commercial installation operations in Cyprus, enables it to identify the market gaps and perform R&D in order to bridge them. Eletoyia invests heavily on R&D through externally and internally funded projects, such as the innovative PV mounting and tracking systems, the groundbreaking algorithmic fault detection, anomaly detection and diagnosis of the PV systems, the development of the EnergyXchange platform in conjunction with the EuroCY and the University of Cyprus, a project that aspires to revolutionize the pan-European energy spot market as well as the development of our own cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology.

In the Cyprus market, we focus on the design and the development of photovoltaic/solar systems for different applications from gird connected to autonomous and water recycling systems. We comply with and implement the announced schemes announced from the Energy Service and the C.E.R.A (Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority) such as Net Metering, Net Billing, and self-consumption schemes.

We are very selective with regard to the equipment we install. It mainly consists of solar photovoltaic panels and power converters (inverters) and it very carefully selected and tested in our labs, tailored to the energy needs and the particularity of the rooftop of each customer.
Also, the equipment is carefully selected in order to be suitable for the Cyprus weather conditions.