Research and Novelties

Machine learning and AI implementation in smart algorithms

ai_machine.jpgOur software development team is skilled in cutting-edge technologies, integrating intelligent systems into our range of products and services. We use machine learning and AI to enhance our solutions for soiling detection, PV system classification, PV system forecasting and degradation. We also use machine learning and AI to develop innovative algorithms that can optimize the performance and efficiency of our PV systems.


Blockchain development

blockchain.jpegWe leverage this secure and decentralized technology in our unique platform for leasing houses or fields for solar photovoltaic installations. The project showcases our proficiencddy in mderging complex technological frameworks with innovative energy solutions to fulfill technical, environmental, and social requirements.

Mobile application development

mobileapp.pngRecognizing the growing demand for convenient and eco-friendly solutions, Eletoyia also explores the sphere of mobile application development. We design intuitive and easy-to-use apps that allow users to interact seamlessly with our products and services, such as monitoring their energy usage, managing their solar systems, and engaging with our grid balancing and ancillary services.

Smart Grids

grids.jpgUnderstanding the importance of smart electricity grids in the era of renewable energy, Eletoyia actively engages in the development and management of these complex networks. Our smart grids incorporate smart metering applications, grid balancing services, frequency support, and grid ancillary services.


cyber.jpgEletoyia is deeply involved in cyber-security of communication networks in the context of Smart Grids, ensuring safe and seamless energy production and consumption. IoT devices and smart sensors provided by Eletoyia through blockchain technology exclude the possibility of cyber attacks on the system.

Battery energy storage

We're proficient in battery storage system management. Our comprehensive solutions offer high efficiency and reliability, ensuring a steady power supply even during peak times or in power outage situations.


prototypesIt is an essential part of our process; our infrastructure boasts 3D printing capabilities, full machine-shop tooling, and a full 5-Axis CNC fabrication station. This allows us to test and refine our designs, ensuring they are fit for real-world conditions before they reach the market.

Proposal writing

prototyping.jpgEletoyia is actively involved in proposal writing, advancing research and innovation in several scientific domains of our interest: Battery energy storage, PV characterization, PV manufacturing, PV forecasting and material synthesis. Moreover, Eletoyia also contributes to novel projects, with patented outcomes that have already entered the Cypriot market. The projects that we participate in are funded by European or National sources.

PV research laboratory

pvlab.jpgWe recognize the significance of PV-related research in the present day; for this reason, Eletoyia is currently developing an in-house Photovoltaic laboratory that will utilize solar flashing device (PV characterization), an environmental chamber (PV accelerated testing), electroluminescence technique (PV fault detection) and spectroscopic devices. The laboratory will be accessible for researchers or students to explore the unique properties of crystalline and thin film silicon technologies, and novel semiconductor technologies such as the revolutionary Perovskite solar cells, Quantum dots and thin heterostructures solar cells.