Welcome to Eletoyia Photovoltaics, Cyprus' pioneering company in the development and installation of cutting-edge photovoltaic systems. With a rich blend of academic expertise and practical market insight, we are deeply committed to advancing renewable energy solutions. Our range of services spans the entire spectrum of the renewables industry, from meticulous scientific research to the implementation of innovative projects.


Our main focus is In the Cyprus market, Eletoyia focuses on the design and development of photovoltaic and solar systems tailored to various applications, ranging from grid-connected setups to autonomous and water recycling systems.


Our services include:

Eletoyia Photovoltaics stands at the forefront of the renewable energy landscape in Cyprus, specializing in the design and development of bespoke photovoltaic and solar systems. Our primary focus revolves around crafting solutions tailored to diverse applications, catering to a wide spectrum of energy needs. Whether you require a grid-connected system, an autonomous energy solution, or a sustainable water recycling system, Eletoyia is your trusted partner.
Eletoyia is a tech-savvy company known for its expertise in various domains. They leverage machine learning and AI to enhance products, including solar solutions and smart algorithms. Their innovative use of blockchain technology allows for secure property leasing for solar installations. They also develop user-friendly mobile apps for energy management. Eletoyia actively contributes to the development of smart grids and ensures cybersecurity, making energy production and consumption safe. They excel in battery energy storage and actively participate in research projects funded by European or National sources. Additionally, they're establishing a state-of-the-art PV research laboratory to explore cutting-edge solar technologies.
Smart mounting and tracking: Eletoyia is a pioneering company in the development and installation of photovoltaic systems in Cyprus. One of its innovative projects is the design and implementation of smart mounting and tracking systems for PV panels.
Eletoyia’s deep research experience with Photovoltaics electric vehicles has led to the fulfillment of a life-long goal: to transform the conventional Cypriot electricity network to a Smart and Green energy production factory, through remote Photovoltaic installations, battery storage systems, and remote/residential EV charging stations. Our clever energy solutions, in the form of cutting-edge technological systems and computer algorithms take Cyprus a step further in the near Future, where electric cars, green energy technologies, energy storage will predominantly alter the Cypriot energy market.